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5th Generation Family Farm

Our small family farm has roots in the early 1900's.  Pictured are our great grandparents Clarence and Bessie Phillips on the farm in 1938.  Their son Robert Lee Phillips, a veteran of WWII and our late grandfather, started commercial production of cattle on the property in Sandy Cross, just outside Royston, Georgia, in 1950.  We carry on that heritage with Phillips Ridge Farm.

Our cows are 100% grassfed and grass finished with no hormones or antibiotics.  Cows graze on our farm from birth to the day they are taken to the processor.  Our cattle have high a quality forage of bermuda, clover, and fescue and we use rotational grazing to maintain their health and natural consistent weight gain which affords a premium quality beef.

Want to meet our cows?  Contact us to visit.  Not a requirement to order beef!

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Grassfed beef tastes different from conventional beef raised on grain. On the Ridge, we’re changing the cow’s diet back to what it should be: grass. Cattle are designed to eat grass and our rotational grazing helps with pasture health to provide that grass. 

The simplest way to describe the flavor of our beef is that it has character. Our beef actually tastes like real beef...the beef that our parents and grandparents grew up eating. The flavor is earthy and rich, with subtle mineral notes.


Grassfed beef is naturally lean, so the marbling you’re used to seeing in conventional beef is less prevalent (although grassfed fat content varies by cut and grind). Low and slow cooking is the key for buttery and tender grassfed beef.

Our 100% Grassfed Beef is meat you can trust. When you eat beef from Phillips Ridge Farm you know that your food comes from a  cow with no antibiotics and no hormones.  Natural and healthy food from our farm to your table through a USDA certified meat processor.  

Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices

100% Grassfed, No Hormones & Steroid Free


The process of rotational grazing involves the movement of cows from one pasture to another to graze.  This allows the separate pastures to "rest" in between feedings, which produces a higher quality forage for our beef, resulting in a higher quality beef.

Our cows are 100% grassfed and grass finished with no hormones or antibiotics.  Many beef suppliers will claim their cows are grassfed, but the cows are still "finished" on grain (which means they are locked in a feed lot and only given grain).  Our cows receive only grass for their entire lives and spend their last days in the pasture grazing.  They are then transported to the processor in a low stress environment.

Contact us today reserve your portion of cow.  

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