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Canning Beef: Energy Saving and Easy Food Storage

I’ve always heard others talk about how delicious canned deer meat is. Honestly when I heard it I gagged a little. How could that be good? Potted meat is nasty, and canned chicken tastes like metal to me. Oh how wrong I was!

Canning meat not only enhances the flavor it saves energy and is a more reliable long term way to store beef. I‘ve linked a video here that I made with some of our cubed steak. I don’t really cook cube steak a ton but eating this canned version was so delicious it’s now one of my favorites. I can just empty a can of cubed steak into a dish with some sauce and mushrooms and it’s an easy dinner.

Below is a list of supplies that I used to can beef In this video. It is such an easy process and the satisfaction it brings is really nice. Almost like finishing a quilt—except instead of keeping you warm it sits on your shelf singing out to you to eat it! It has been kind of hard to find jars this year but Ace Hardware, Kroger, Tractor Supply, and Dill‘s all had jars when I checked last week. The whole process takes about 2 hours and 1 quart jar holds about 1.5 pounds of beef. You can can any cut of beef. I cut up roast and canned it, stew meat was easy, and ground beef also makes sense (though you have to cook it first and add broth). Refer to a canning chart to be sure on your canning times based on your location. I have the ball canning book and it’s full of tons of info on basic canning techniques and all the recipes you would ever need for beef. Highly recommend! Happy canning, y’all.

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