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100% Grassfed  /  No Antibiotics  /  No Hormones

**Please email or call us for availability before placing an order


STEP 1: CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY (email or use online contact sheet)



Thats it!  Your beef is reserved and you will be contacted when the final hanging weight is calculated!

Phillips Ridge Farm provides natural 100% grassfed beef raised on our farm in Royston, Georgia.  Your beef will be custom cut to your specifications by an independent butcher.  We bring the cow to the butcher and you pick up the processed beef from the butcher.  Beef orders are vacuum sealed and will be ready for pickup at the butcher 10-14 days after the processing date. You will be notified when your beef is ready for pick up. Please bring boxes or coolers when picking up your beef and you are responsible for traveling to pick up your beef, delivery options are not available.

A deposit is required to reserve your order.  If you want to be placed on the waiting list for the next processing date send an email or message with your name, email, and phone number and we will put you on a waiting list and contact you when the next processing date is confirmed. 


Cows range in weight from 700lbs to 1000lbs. Our prices are based on dry hanging weight. Dry hanging weight is measured after the organs and hide of the cow have been removed and the final retail cuts are approximately 45% less than the hanging weight.  For example if your hanging weight is 500 pounds you are going to bring home around 275lbs of meat for your freezer. 

Quarter Beef: Price: $3.75/lb, Deposit: $100.00 (not including butcher fees)

Half Beef: Price: $3.50/lb, Deposit: $200.00 (not including butcher fees)

Whole Beef: Price: $3.25/lb, Deposit: $300.00 (not including butcher fees)

*All prices and weights for a whole, half, or quarter beef are based on carcass hanging weight only. Buyers are responsible for choosing the cuts of meat they want from the butcher and paying for his services. Butcher fees are communicated at time of pick up but usually range from $0.75 to $0.85 cent a pound.  

For example: You buy a cow that weighs 900lbs

900lbs x .60 = 540lbs dry hanging weight

540lbs x $3.25 (paid to farmer) = $1,755 

540lbs x $0.75 (paid to butcher) = $405 (plus 30-40 dollar kill fee)

Total price = $2,160 


How much beef and what cuts do I actually get?

We recommend steak, roasts, cube steak, stew meat, brisket, and ground beef to start out. This is our standard cuts.  You can select custom cuts or additions such as ox tail, soup bones, heart, liver, tongue, short ribs, flank steaks etc. if you want but most people just select standard cuts.  You can also work with the butcher directly if you have any specific requests more details than what’s listed above.  Also please note that your final hanging weight does not correspond to the actual poundage of meat you get.  The hanging weight decreases by about 40-50% in the process of 2 weeks of aging and losing the bones during processing.  For example you buy a whole cow and you pay for 600 pounds hanging weight.  You will likely bring home around 300 pounds of actual meat for your freezer 


Standard estimation of cuts for a whole cow:

Butcher will get as many select steak cuts as possible.  

Steaks: 28 (NY strip, filets, rib-eyes and sirloins)

Roasts: 10 (2-3lb package. including chuck, rump, shoulder and sirloin tip)

Ground Beef: 44 (in 1 pound package)

Cube Steak: 5 (in 1 pound package, thin, pressed steak)

Boneless Stew: 5 (in 1 pound package, stewing chunks)

Brisket: 1 (weight varies)

Flank Steak: 1 (weight varies)

Skirt Steak: 1 (weight varies)

Short Ribs: 5 (in 2 pound package)

Disclaimer: Quantity and cuts listed above are estimates and will vary depending on hanging weight and how the beef is cut from the processor.  

Do you vaccinate your cows?

We vaccinate for tetanus, leptospirosis, and pneumonia. We vaccinate within 2 months of birth or purchase and we typically do not give boosters unless a disease is jumping from farm to farm.

Phillips Ridge Farm Terms and Conditions:

Please read these terms and conditions.  By paying a deposit you confirm you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. 

The deposit to reserve your portion or whole cow is non-refundable.  The deposit reserves your claim to purchase a portion of a live cow being independently raised on our small family farm in Royston, Georgia.  The beef is natural, 100% grassfed.  We vaccinate our cows.  If for any reason the cow is no longer available due to unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to issue a full deposit refund and we are under no obligation to provide services once a full deposit refund is issued.  Processing date is the day that your cow is taken to the butcher.  The processing date is estimated and subject to change but buyer will be notified and deposit refund offered if processing date is more than 60 days before or after proposed week of processing documented on the deposit.  Once you pay your deposit you can follow the link to our online order form which needs to be submitted the week before your processing date (or earlier).  Buyer understands that Phillips Ridge Farm will transport reserved cow directly from our farm to an independent butcher at which time it is the responsibility of the buyer to pick up packaged beef from the butcher and pay butcher fees directly to the butcher.  Once we are informed of the hanging weight we will inform you by email and by phone and will send a final email invoice which must be paid in full within 48 hours (your deposit will be credited to your final bill).  Failure to pay your invoice in full within the time frame above means you will forfeit your deposit and will not be able to pick up any beef from the butcher. By paying this deposit buyer agrees to pay for full hanging weight of cow portion plus tax (if applicable) as outlined above, no exceptions.  Phillips Ridge Farm is in no way liable for the reserved cow once the cow is dropped off to the butcher, and we make no guarantees on cuts or amount of beef issued to the buyer once the cow has been butchered.

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