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Last Child in the Woods

By recommendation of my cousin, I've been reading "Last Child in the Woods". It's an inquisitive look at how we experience nature, and a commentary on our lack of experience of nature as a society. It describes those transcendent moments we all have experienced at one time or another in nature. Sort of like how Joe gets lost "in the zone" while playing piano on the new Disney movie Soul.

Just after moving back to the family farm this past summer, there was a very specific moment sitting on our front porch where I felt a rush of peace while looking up to appreciate and be in awe of how clear the stars were and how beautifully silent the farm was. I felt an overwhelming sense of wonder and appreciation. These moments for children are of paramount importance in development, and in my opinion essential for mental health and well being in adults. It's so important for human beings to spend time in nature. My new years resolution is to make it a priority to slow down and enjoy nature more often. Feel free to schedule a visit for a visit to our farm to experience nature for a few hours. Happy New Year!

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